2014 - Freek

This project was part of a six month minor program at the Faculty of Architecture, called ‘House of the Future’. In contrast to the other two projects in the program - where the design goal was rather clear - in this assigment much freedom was given, after the brief ‘design a chair’.

One of the most important things I’ve picked up during this project, is the importance of limitations to such freedom.
The idea was to transform a used and refused EUR-1-pallet into a chair, by using literally every piece of it.  In order to emphasise this transformation I aimed for a highly contrasting form language. Although it took me a while struggling with wry pieces of scrap wood, it turned out to be a tangible approach. Going back and forth endlessly between the 2D layout and 3D configurations, gave me insight in the consequences of adjustments in shape and dimensions on this layout.
Although pret-ty close, unfortunately I didn’t succeed in using literally everything. That’s why the chair comes with a cushion, filled with the leftovers.

The almost obsessive urge to use material in the most efficient way possible, is something that stuck with me after this project.