2014 - Nauta Dutilh (Joris Laarman)

The Nauta Dutilh job was my last big project at Joris Laarman Studio. As a result of a design contest the studio won,  three ornamental furniture sculptures had to be developed for the lobby of Nauta Dutilh’s new office building in Amsterdam.

The first interesting challenge for me has been the translation of the smooth base shapes. The aim was to triangulate them in the roughest way possible, without losing the dynamic and aestethical qualities of the shape.
The idea behind the production has been to cover as many steps as possible with parametric design / digital fabrication.  Apart from it’s commercial nature, this projects functioned as an investigation in affordable and structural parametric building for future purposes. The steel triangles that form the base of the structure are lasercutted from sheet. The positioning of these triangles is done by sls-printed nylon connectors, that - all together - function as a precise mould;
locked in place with blind rivets. After the complete structure had been welded, the connectors could be removed, and chestnut panels were placed to give the sculptures their final skin.

From the point where the smooth base shapes were sketched I have been in charge of detailed design, production development, budget and planning.